You’re like.. of course. I don’t want to see what a non-vegan or non-gluten-free smoothie looks like. Just stop.

Okay, so I promised these smoothies (plural? umm…) and I’m going to talk about them in a second, but first I just want to ask myself (and you. I think.) a question that I think we’ve all (you and me. yes.) have been wondering for a while… maybe. Will there ever come a day when I post something savory/entree-esque on my blog?

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Katie approved. By the end of this post, you’ll understand what that means.

So I really want to go right into talking about this crisp, because it has so many awesome things going for it, but first I want to take a minute to talk about my sister.

She’s an interesting specimen. A few years older than me and certainly lives up to the title of “older sister”. She has blonde highlights, a passionate love for coffee and a seriously contagious laugh. We’re best friends, so I can’t complain. Most of the time. She’s also my chief taste-tester. And she has a natural distaste for fruit.

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Hello, summer.

Bright, summer salads loaded with nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and chewy spelt berries! Fast, vegan and super nutritious. | Needs Salt

Okay, so I know. You’re thinking, “what? hello summer? summer has been here for months.” Yeas, maybe for you lucky people who live in south/western states, but up here in the northeast, it doesn’t get very hot until the middle of July. (ahem. the end of July.) And we don’t really see that much produce until July. (but this year, it’s the end of July. because we were away on a crazy trip when we should’ve been planting our garden.)